Our Goals:

The South Central Area (SCA) is but one of ten Area Associations within the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA). Each Area Association represents the geographical make-up of an area or division of FMCA. We represent the South Central Area consisting of the states of Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Being the fourth Area Association to form, the goal of Area Associations in 1997 was solely for the purpose of annually hosting and producing the area’s rally. A couple of years later the goal was expanded to include “enhancing the communication” between the FMCA and area Chapters. Today our mission statement, simply put, provides the following:

  • The Association will annually produce an area rally or similar events that will benefit the members of the Chapters within the Area,
  • It shall also serve as a resource for assisting FMCA with its International Conventions or other activities as requested, and
  • Will promote and improve the line of communication to and between FMCA and all FMCA Chapters within the South Central Area as defined by the FMCA governing board.

The heart of our Association is the many Chapters in each state, each unique but all are formed to provide fun and fellowship for its members. Communication with our Chapters is continuous.

Our greatest work effort is to challenge ourselves each year to produce an outstanding area rally. The Officers and Committees of the Six-State Rally Association try to design an area rally to fit the geographical location selected in any given year. Much effort is put forth to provide the following:

  • Area Activities,
  • A variety of seminars and crafts,
  • Exhibits to include merchandise that complements the Motorhome lifestyle,
  • Coach displays shown by dealers within the state, and
  • A variety of quality evening entertainment.